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We are a small business in Richmond Virginia. Our goals are to reach out to other small businesses and help them to realize and create the ideal custom software that can best help them.
Mission Statement
Our mission is help local business's.
The idea that only large corporations can afford custom software tailored to their needs is a myth. In fact by designing ideal solutions to meet specific user needs many unnecessary costs can be removed. Our solutions and work can be adjusted to fit your budget, time and needs.
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Computers, Software, and the Internet can present some daunting decisions today. With technology developing at an expedited rate, and so many options to choose from; sometimes a little advice can go a long way. Dont worry were here to help and our guidance is free. We proudly provide unbiased advice. If running your business with a simple solution not designed by us is more cost effective we will happily share that.

Advising usually consists of exploring possible avenues which could fit a clients needs. Some possibilities could be an off the shelf solution like QuickBooks, Hosted software as a service, and custom development by de Wet Computers or any other developer.

Advising times are usually scheduled Friday through Sunday. Exceptions can be made.

     Development usually requires spending time with our client weekly. By observing and discussing work flow with our client we begin by designing individual applications, and eventually combine all the working pieces into an encompassing solution.

Within the Development time frame we usually introduce the applications to the users to obtain useful feedback, and to fix any unforseen problems which could arrise. This gradual process allows for our users to fine tune their solutions to fit there individual needs. We also include a complementary month of editing and support.

     Implementation of the system is simple. The Software can be hosted either locally at a store, or online. Our client simply chooses whether they would like to host the application locally, or online and they are ready to work.

Training is usually the longest process of Implementation, and is usually conducted by one of our developers. The developer can meet with each employee individually or train groups at once whichever is more suitable. Once the employees are proficent at working with every piece of the system they are required to use training is complete.

Finally if any hardware updates are necessary to run the new software, our system specialist will visit and update any machines requiring them.

     Support consists of the inclusive complementary month of editing and support, and any time after that which a client wishes to retain. Most of our applications are designed with the most recent programming languages including HTML5, J-Query, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, and many more languages. Since these languages are current it is easy to find third party help.

We are always excited to help our customers, and believe that building a productive relationship with their support team is important. This is why we designate a specific individual to manage and fix any problems which you may run into.

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