About de Wet Computers
We are a small business in Richmond Virginia. Our goals are to reach out to other small businesses and help them to realize and create the ideal custom software that can best help them.
Mission Statement
Our mission is help local business's.
The idea that only large corporations can afford custom software tailored to their needs is a myth. In fact by designing ideal solutions to meet specific user needs many unnecessary costs can be removed. Our solutions and work can be adjusted to fit your budget, time and needs.
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Solid support!

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the phone wondering why you pay for a service that dosen't meet your expectations?

We have wonderful news for you de Wet computers will assign clients their own personal support tech.
Now when you have issues your individual tech will be able to solve your issues so they do not continue.
We believe it is important to have a relationship with your support tech. This allows for your tech to intimatley
understand your business and how to help in the best ways possible.

Check out our support prices here!

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There are many options and solutions for every business's specific needs. Schedule a meeting today and we can begin to assess what the best path for your business is.

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