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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?
We build custom websites, software and occasionally help other business's with in house hardware/support.
What kind of websites do you build?
Our current clients have a variety of different websites. From Retail and sales focused websites to Regional Canine training and competition. We offer every one of our client's individualized solutions, attention, and help.
What software do you build?
Much like our websites we build big data software solutions that are compatable with any device. For your smartphone, tablet, and Computer our software is compatable with any device you have.
Data driven solutions
Most of our data driven applications are focused on measuring and displaying data-points that are needed specifically by our client. We have built Point of Sale Applications, and Factory Focused Machining Models.
How much is it?
We charge an hourly rate for all work, unless specified otherwise. Most websites are created for an agreed upon flat price, and we usually maintain and update our clients websites at our hourly rate.
  •   2901 Marmora Road, Glassgow,
         Seattle, WA 98122-1090
  •   1 -234 -456 -7890
  •   1 -234 -456 -7890
  • info@yourdomain.com

About Hoxa

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